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Look what I got…

A look at some of the art people bought from the Art Show over the years and what these pieces of mean to them.

A look at some of the Art purchased over the years

Owners Pictures — Rosemary Russell

This picture is of the church gates in Hickling, painted by Deborah Hallam who produced some wonderful watercolours in the early years of the art show. Her father was Gordon Currer who was a stalwart of the show over many years. I can clearly remember his painting of pots of paint in a shed. Both Deborah and her father belonged to the Kirby Bellars Art Group. When George Harris set up the very first Upper Broughton Art Show, many of the exhibitors came from that group. Some of their members still exhibit with us.



Picture from Rosemary



We bought this picture in 2017 and it hangs on our kitchen wall. The artist is Clare Britton who is pictured with the painting, which features on her Facebook page. She wrote:

“This weekend my painting 'Up on the moors' received a 'Highly Commended'  from the judges of the Upper Broughton Show. I was thrilled. Then later it was bought and was off to a new home. It was a great show with some fantastic artwork, I am already looking forward to going again next year. And the kids loved the cakes!

picture of Clare Britton

Up on the moors. Experimenting with texture and colour to convey the Yorkshire moors. It is mixed media and uses the application of tissue paper to create texture overlaid with a mixture of ink and acrylic paint for vivid colour. This was a lot of fun to do!”



Owners Pictures — Elizabeth Cooper

The first picture I almost bought from an Upper Broughton Art Show would have been Mary Ford's Strawberry Pickers, similar to the one shown. It was around the mid-90's. I had admired the 'original' Strawberry Pickers with it's almost seaside postcard look but, as usual, I dithered about buying it and another discerning purchaser got there first. Mary was a friend of Pat & Martin Sanderson who, at the time, lived in the village. I mentioned to them how much I liked the picture so they arranged for Mary to paint another version of the picture, which I bought.

Strawberry Pickers with it's almost seaside postcard look

Mary Ford's picture of Strawberry Pickers.

The Upper Broughton Stone Cross in wood was carved by Ken Chapman who used to live in village and, with his wife Heather, were stalwarts of the Art Show and contributed a lot as members of the committee. Ken was 'trained' in carving by John Nicholls who lived opposite the Upper Broughton Stone Cross. John was responsible for introducing 3D work into the show, exhibiting and finding new sculptors and 3D artists. Ken also exhibited a wonderful piece the same year entitled 'Sand gets everywhere' which was a sculpture of a Bright Bardot-like figure sun-bathing on the beach, another occasion when someone else reserved the piece with a 'red spot' before I made up my mind!

Ken also exhibited a wonderful piece the same year entitled 'Sand gets everywhere'

Ken Chapman's Upper Broughton Stone Cross



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